Educational campaigns

We believe that marketing efforts can mean much more than growing sales. We are convinced that in order to build a brand effectively, it is necessary to tell an interesting story and build engagement and acceptance of the conducted business activity.
Our pedagogical knowledge, experience in storytelling on film as well as our creativity enable BeGood Films to offer educational and social engagement campaigns for children in the form of a series of short animated films based on our proposed scripts.
Our stories approach educational issues connected with hygiene, environmental protection, health and safety, as well as social issues aimed at developing sensitivity and creativity, stimulating curiosity and influencing the children’s functioning in society.


BeGood Films Sp. z o.o.

Al. Bolesława Krzywoustego 4/1,
40-850 Katowice

VAT ID: 6342864327


Magdalena Rychła

Mobile: + 48 791 980 371

Ewa Martynkien

Mobile: +48 606 426 527

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