Detective Bastek on skeleton’s trail

Type: feature film / TV series
Lenght: 80 min / 3×25 min
Target group: 5-9 yo

Director: vacat
Scriptwriter: Ewa Martynkien

Bastek (5) and Franek(5) are best friends. They are neighbours and are in the same group in the kindergarten. When one day Frank’s parents decide to move somewhere far away Franek and Bastek decide to fight for their friendship and barricade themselves in a telephone box. There, just as fire brigade has arrive they take a blood oath to be only friends forever
Some years later Bastek, fascinated with detective’s investigations, still tries to keep the promise, and ignores his classmate Dominik and his all acts of friendship. But as he has to solve the most important investigation, the oath made some years ago will be proved.
„Detective Bastek on skeleton trail” is not just full of turns detective story, but also a touching story of growing up to friendship. Not just for boys.

Creative Producer: Magdalena Rychła
Production: BeGood Films Sp. z o.o.


BeGood Films Sp. z o.o.

Al. Bolesława Krzywoustego 4/1,
40-850 Katowice

VAT ID: 6342864327


Magdalena Rychła

Mobile: + 48 791 980 371

Ewa Martynkien

Mobile: +48 606 426 527

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